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Prestige Apartments in Whitefield


Prestige Apartments in Whitefield

Whitefield is in Bangalore's eastern region. Here is where Bangalore's IT sector was born. When ITPL was built in 1994, everything got started. It expanded the pool of available jobs and increased Whitefield's property value. There are several Prestige Group projects here. Whitefield is located in Bangalore's east. It all began in 1994 with the construction of ITPL. It increased the number of employment opportunities and raised Whitefield's real estate value. You'll realize what you've been missing after a stroll through your home's lush surroundings. Here, you discover what not you can do, from practicing on the tennis court to putting silently and quickly by yourself. There are many projects here by Prestige Group.

1. The Prestige City

The Prestige City

The Prestige City is a cutting-edge housing development by the Prestige Group on Bangalore's Sarjapur Road. On 180 acres, this cutting-edge township comprises apartments, villas, and plots. A renowned architect designed the smart city, which was reviewed in the best price range and is located in a prime location. In Bangalore's Sarjapur Road, Prestige City is a gated neighborhood project with 12 million square feet of construction. Eight hundred eight plots and 140 villas. 7000 1, 2, and 3 BHK apartments make up this township.

2. Prestige Waterford

Prestige Waterford

The goal of the futuristically designed Prestige Waterford project is to create a modern home for someone who desires a high-class lifestyle. Waterford, east of Bangalore Whitefield, consists of 689 roomy, well-built apartments spanned across an enormous 16 acres of land in 7 magnificent towers. Apartments with three bedrooms start at Rs. 1.42 crore. Only 3 and 4 BHK segments of the Prestige Waterford are offered. Luxury three-bedroom homes start at 1.42 crores. The Prestige Waterford is built solidly and features a modern design. Classical themes served as the inspiration for architecture. The building has a stunning appearance with G+24 floors, which provide plenty of natural light, fresh air, and a spectacular view of the property. This home has been meticulously designed to adhere to Vastu principles to keep us calm, stress-free, and joyful.

3. Prestige Lakeside Habitat

Prestige Lakeside Habitat

The Prestige Group's expansive luxury community, Prestige Lakeside Habitat, is situated on a bluff above picturesque Varthur Lake. It is located on Whitefield-Sarjapur Road and spans 102 acres. It comprises 3426 opulent apartments and offers 1, 2, 3, and 4 bedrooms and 271 opulent villas with private gardens. Living here will be a truly fascinating experience, thanks to the air. One attractive feature is the 80 acres of open space you can access at Prestige Lakeside Habitat. This is more than just a lungful of fresh air. You'll need help locating another development that offers you an open space this size. You will be surrounded by an all-pervasive, captivatingly magical atmosphere no matter where you go.

4. Prestige Glenbrook

Prestige Glenbrook

Prestige Glenbrook a new development near Sarjapur Road, will offer two- and three-bedroom homes with all contemporary amenities. The highly sought-after Prestige Glenbrook is more than just a regular home address; it is a home that speaks of exclusivity and wealth. The project offers 1 BHK apartment that is Vaastu-compliant, spacious, and extensive, with plush interiors, expansive balconies, and elevated windows placed at the proper geographic locations to welcome the right amount of airflow and daylight.

5. Prestige Green Gables

Prestige Green Gables

A residential project's artistic conceptions, outlines, and unrivaled comforts serve to define it. "Prestige Green Gables" is a model for determining a housing layout with the knowledge and discernment needed to give its devoted occupants an unmatched and unparalleled residential experience. Prestige Groups will develop this cutting-edge residential community in South Bangalore's upscale Kadubeesanahalli neighborhood, close to all necessary social and physical infrastructure. All necessary clearances and approvals from the relevant authorities are currently being obtained for the project. This township's 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments will be constructed utilizing Vaastu principles, proper spatial geometry, and space alignment techniques to produce well-ventilated homes with large balconies and elevated window spaces that let natural light and fresh air in. The building complies with proper Vaastu principles, resulting in an integrated architecture that helps users achieve their housing goals to the fullest extent possible.

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