Prestige Glenbrook Floor Plan

One of the top-notch developers of South India, known for delivering exquisite real estate projects across various domains successfully for decades, is launching another residential grandeur, Prestige Glenbrook, in Whitefield, East Bangalore. Spread across a 5 acres expanse, the precinct will host 400 stunning apartments in varied layouts, prices and sizes ranging from 1200 - 1900 sq. ft. areas. Prestige Glenbrook floor plan will have 2, 3 and 3.5 bedroom set premium abodes with splendid architecture, specs and extensive interiors, which will offer ample ventilation and natural light. Like all Prestige housing projects, this enclave is set to have open spaces, greenery, waterbodies, well-designed premises, a Clubhouse loaded with recreational amenities for all age groups, and numerous facilities - a perfect blend of space, technology and nature. All-in-all residing in Prestige Glenbrook will be a holistic experience for each dweller, a bliss that one can feel even amidst the chaos of mundane life. Currently, in the pre-launch stage, the builder will share the property details shortly.

A floor plan of any real estate project is a measured diagram of its space that gives the sizes and layouts of any property and is a critical tool of real significance. The realtors need to design it as it forms the basis of any project, which is further required for official formalities and also the investors. Prestige Group very meticulously prepares the floor plans of all its projects. The builder also ensures that it carefully prepares floor plans of all the homes with the right dimensions and layouts so that it gets happy customers in the end. Prestige Glenbrook floor plan is set to have 2, 3 and 3.5 bedroom set apartments with aesthetically designed layouts and interiors. All the homes will have varied sizes and layouts for potential investors to choose from.

Prestige Glenbrook 2 bedroom set homes are meant for small families or low-income groups. Prestige Glenbrook 2 BHK floor plan will have 1 entrance plus foyer, 2 bedrooms, 1 or 2 bathrooms, 1 living with dining, 1 or 2 balconies, and 1 kitchen with utility. Prestige Glenbrook, 3 bedroom set dwellings, are designed for bigger families, those who need spacious living areas, or middle to high-income groups. Prestige Glenbrook 3 BHK floor plan can have 1 entrance plus foyer, 3 bedrooms, 2 or 3 bathrooms, 1 living with dining area, 2 or 3 balconies, 1 kitchen with utility, and with or without a provision for 1 servant room with attached bathroom. Prestige Glenbrook 3.5 BHK floor plan will have similar options as the 3 BHK abodes plus a study.

Bangalore has been a progressive city for decades, thanks to being the preferred IT destination by the top global and domestic enterprises. The metropolis creates not only ample work prospects in IT but also in other business segments. The city boasts of its excellent physical, social and retail framework, cosmopolitan lifestyle, availability of best avenues in all aspects and necessities of life, pleasant weather and natural attractions. Whitefield, based in East Bangalore, is a significant locality of the city. It houses some of the top IT parks and business hubs that host reputed MNCs and domestic companies. The place thrives with employment and residing opportunities as it is entirely self-sustained. Seamless road connectivity, an upcoming metro network, avant-garde infra, and great options in education, shopping, healthcare, banking, entertainment, dining, hospitality, grooming and personal care are the highlights of Whitefield, where Prestige Glenbrook is located.

Prestige Glenbrook is an excellent opportunity for those seeking an exquisite abode for dwelling, rent out or investment purposes. Set in the prime Whitefield area, from the noted developer, Prestige Group, plush apartments with elegant architecture, facilities and features and aptly priced; Prestige Glenbrook is the right place to put their money in for all the discerning home buyers.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is the completion date of Prestige Glenbrook Bangalore Whitefield?

The property's completion date is yet to be declared. We will be getting the details shortly.

2. What is the project status of Prestige Glenbrook?

The project status is upcoming or Pre-launch. The construction process is yet to start.

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